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About the SME Climate Hub

The SME Climate Hub is a non-profit global initiative that empowers small to medium sized companies to take climate action and build resilient businesses for the future.

The Hub is an initiative of the We Mean Business Coalition, the Exponential Roadmap Initiative and the United Nations Race to Zero campaign in collaboration with Normative and the Net Zero team at Oxford University.

About the commitment

Committing is simple.

Pledge to act by completing the commitment to halve emissions by 2030, achieve net zero by 2050, and report on your progress yearly. Use our free tools and resources to take action.

Why commit?

  • Improve efficiency

    Reduce costs by managing your resources more efficiently. You can take steps today that benefit both your business and the climate.

  • Manage business risk

    Build a more resilient business and better protect yourself against climate-related damage, disruptions, and closures.

  • Gain a competitive advantage

    Become a leader in the fight against climate change. Show investors, employees, and customers how you’re adopting ambitious goals.

  • Enhance access to capital

    Keep insurance and lending fees affordable and stay attractive to investors by reducing your exposure to climate-related risks.

  • Grow your business and brand

    Become part of a network of like-minded businesses. Gain opportunities to grow your brand and attract new customers.

Get inspired by their stories



“Our work supports low-carbon mobility solutions like micro and shared mobility to help remove little by little cars out of the equation in cities.”

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Clif Family Winery & Farm

Wine and food

“We work to craft unique, regional wine and foods using practices that care for the earth and support sustainable and organic farming.”

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Talis Capital

Venture capital fund

“We are working internally to reduce and mitigate the adverse consequences of climate change and supporting our portfolio companies to do the same.”

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The SME Climate Hub partners with the COP28 Presidency to help businesses in the Middle East and North Africa reduce emissions

With our resources now available in Arabic, the campaign will increase accessibility and help SMEs in the region take climate action.

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The SME Climate Hub launches first set of Action Courses

The new education resources, created with industry knowledge from Netflix, aim to decarbonize the film and production industry, alongside the SME Climate Hub’s suite of tools.

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Facilitating successful climate action for Latin American and Caribbean SMEs

IDB Invest and We Mean Business Coalition organized a regional program to help Latin American and Caribbean SMEs take climate action, by raising awareness for the free resources available through the SME Climate Hub.

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