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The impacts of climate change on small business

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) are the economic engine of Latin America, accounting for 99% of companies in the region. At the same time, their operations, sales, and profits are more susceptible to the impacts of climate change.

No matter your business sector or size, taking action to reduce your environmental impact is an opportunity to overcome these challenges and increase the resiliency of your company and community. You can reduce costs, increase efficiency, access markets with environmental demands, and implement adaptive strategies against climate change.

Start by taking the first step with the SME Climate Hub. Access free information, resources and tools created to help SMEs take cost-efficient climate action.

The journey to net zero

Businesses that make the SME Climate Commitment will join thousands of like-minded companies and be counted in the global United Nations’ Race to Zero campaign.


Signal your commitment to climate action and take the first steps towards reaching our global climate goals. Every business has a role to play.

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Gain access to free tools for climate education, emissions measurement and reporting and start taking action. Browse a selection of these tools before you commit.

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Continued Support

Learn about upcoming workshops, webinars and best practices from SMEs taking climate action. Share feedback on the resources you need for your journey.

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The benefits of taking climate action

Positively impact your business, the environment, and your customers.

Increase productivity

By improving your energy efficiency, managing waste and saving resources, businesses can cut operational costs as well as carbon emissions.

Improve your brand

Respond to the growing demands of stakeholders, increase customer loyalty and attract new clientele, investors, and financial agents by taking robust climate action.

Be resilient to the impacts of climate change

Prevent and mitigate possible damage and climate risks in regions most vulnerable to disasters.

Access financing

Accelerate your transition to net zero emissions with incentives and preferential financing offered to small businesses looking to invest in climate action.

Get to know our community

Small and medium-sized enterprises drive the economy of Latin America and the Caribbean. From family businesses to agile startups founded by local entrepreneurs, these companies are shaping the most innovative solutions for the future. Learn more about their climate action stories:

“By using the SME Climate Hub tools, we have become aware of the effects of climate change, one of the main problems worldwide. Likewise, it has allowed us to incorporate into our organization's strategy a set of measures such as raising awareness among our collaborators about the importance of reducing our carbon footprint. We will also reduce waste and continue training our operators in efficient driving. These measures will allow us to reduce our carbon footprint, in order to meet our reduction commitments for 2030 and 2050.”

Luis Andía, M y H Group

“Thanks to the SME Climate Hub tools, we have expanded our knowledge about caring for the environment and how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Our commitment to reduce emissions by 2050 includes raising awareness among staff, continuing to work on our recycling and donation programs, and changing our lights to LED bulbs.”

Noemi Fernandez, Process Control

“As entrepreneurs, we have to take on challenges and learn new things on a daily basis. The Climate Fit course was quite instructional with its examples and shows how companies worldwide, based on their experiences, can take concrete action against climate change. The course material is not only applicable to our company but contains learnings for our homes and our community. It doesn't matter that they seem like small actions at the beginning, the important thing is to start.”

Beatriz Murillo, LUMENSOFT

“By using the Business Carbon Calculator, we realized our company’s impact, and we could map the journey towards zero emissions. It is not only about committing, but taking action. We outlined sustainability goals such as educating our entire staff to align on our journey.”

Ezequiel Salas, Navet Internacional S.A.

“The calculator came at a very opportune moment, as our company needed to measure emissions. Also, the Climate Fit education course opened our minds to issues that we did not have on our radar, and we shared the program with our team to spread change throughout the company.”

Néstor Carrizo, CODIMAT

Local strategic partners

Meet the organizations allocating staff and technical and financial resources to help SMEs take climate action.

Corporate partners

Meet the companies helping their supply chains and networks reduce their carbon emissions.

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