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Small businesses play a vital role in addressing climate change. Discover how taking action can save your business money, help gain market share, and create more resilience amidst changing customer and regulatory demands.

The SME Climate Hub helps businesses access information and resources to make – and reach – their net zero goals quickly and cost effectively through free tools and resources designed specifically for SMEs to halve carbon emissions by 2030.

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Businesses that make the commitment will join thousands of like minded companies and be counted in the global United Nations’ Race to Zero campaign.


Signal your commitment to climate action and take the first steps towards halving your emissions before 2030. SMEs that make the commitment will be counted in the global Race to Zero.

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Gain access to free tools for climate education, measurement and reporting. Browse a selection of these tools before you commit.

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We work with leading business and financial partners to continually improve our resources. As you take action, you will unlock personalized tools and benefits to support your net zero journey.

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Reduce Costs

Reduce costs by managing your resources more efficiently. You can take steps today that benefit both your business and the climate.

Operational Sustainability

Build a more resilient business and better protect yourself against climate-related damage, disruptions, and closures.

Risk Reduction

Keep insurance and lending fees affordable and stay attractive to investors by reducing your exposure to climate-related risks.

Grow Your Business and Brand

Become part of a network of like-minded businesses. Gain opportunities to grow your brand and attract new customers.

U.S. SME Voices

Small businesses are the cornerstone of our communities. They are the family businesses that have served our neighborhoods for generations and the nimble startups founded by local entrepreneurs that are building the future’s greatest solutions. Learn more about their climate action stories:

“Legacy Vacation Resort, which has properties across the United States, has experienced the wide-ranging impacts of climate change – from wildfires, hurricanes, and drought. Disruptions to the business have led them to set ambitious goals to halve its emissions by 2030 and transition several of its properties to renewable energy – actions which they say have given them strong business partnerships and bonded their internal staff with a unified goal to protect their communities. ”

Jared Meyers, Legacy Vacation Resorts, Chairman

“Family-owned Dr. Bronner’s approaches business with a planet-and-people-first mentality. Their climate success story comes from addressing the issue from every angle of their supply chain — from improving agricultural practices to rethinking plastic usage and meeting net zero emission goals to build a fair supply chain from the ground up. ”

Darcy Shiber-Knowles, Dr. Bronner’s, Director of Operation Sustainability and Innovation

“Impacted by wildfires and changing weather patterns, Clif Family Winery & Farm understands firsthand how climate change will continue to impact businesses without mitigation. To build a more resilient business and to protect their community, the family-owned winery has implemented climate-conscious agricultural and business practices and is taking bold steps to reduce emissions across its supply chain. ”

Linzi Gay, Clif Family Winery & Farm, President

“MiiR, a responsible steel drinkware brand based in the Pacific Northwest, knows from experience that prioritizing climate action pays off. Today the carbon neutral business is uncovering new opportunities that go hand in hand with their climate goals, including product innovation, new customers, and trust with existing customers and partners.”

Devon Richardson, MiiR, Giving & Sustainability Manager

“For the Georgia-based architecture firm Architecture Collaborative, climate and business priorities are “one and the same thing.” By taking bold steps to reach net-zero emissions, the SME Climate Hub member delivers benefits to its community and long-term business plan — all actions which are rooted in the firm’s understanding that architects have a responsibility to care and protect their communities and can significantly influence climate action. ”

Quint Newcomer, Architectural Collab, Director of Sustainability and Business Administration

“Sustainability has been a key pillar of Numi Organic Tea’s business practice since its founding more than two decades ago. Today, the company continues to make conscious environmental decisions at every step required to make a cup of Numi Tea: from attaining the raw materials and packaging to transporting the products to stores and consumers, even down to sourcing the water for steeping. ”

Numi Tea, Numi Tea, Chief Brand Officer & Co-Founder

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