Cookie policy

Climate Hub uses cookies on to improve the user experience of the website.

In accordance with EU legislation on cookies, visitors of Climate Hub’s website must be informed of the usage of cookies and for which purpose the cookies are used. Visitors must also have the ability to consent to cookies being stored on their device. Consent can be given or denied through the visitor’s browser settings.

Cookies used

_ga, _gid, _gat: Used by Google Analytics to distinguish visitors and throttle requests.

country_code: Used to decide if social media components should be loaded based on the visitor’s country.

gcflan: Used to store the website language chosen by the visitor.

id_token: Used to authenticate the visitor.

cookien: Used to decide whether to show the cookie notification.

How can I decline to cookies being stored?

If you do not want cookies to be stored on your computer, you can configure your browser to prevent cookies from being downloaded. You can also configure your browser to ask you for permission each a website wants to store a cookie.