Take action to reduce your emissions

The SME Climate Hub Action Guides and Courses outline how companies can reduce their emissions across all scopes

Action Guides

Measure and understand

Measuring and understanding your emissions will help you prioritize which actions to take and in what order. This section describes the methodology to use and data that is needed to measure and understand the emissions from your activities.

Key actions

This section provides an overview of the essential steps your organization should take to begin its journey toward emission reductions. Many of these actions can be implemented promptly, even if you currently lack all the necessary data.

Engaging your employees

Getting multiple departments and colleagues involved in your sustainability work will help your company to achieve your emission reduction goals and targets. This section outlines how to navigate this process and ensure that you are working towards the same goal across the organisation.

SME Climate Hub Academy

The SME Climate Hub Academy’s first course targets the film and TV production industry with more content across sectors to come.

Steps for Emissions Reduction

Action Courses are free, practical video modules designed to provide the skills and knowledge for companies to cut carbon emissions from their operations and supply chains.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Implement the learnings in your business strategy and operations to reduce costs, increase market share, gain a competitive advantage and cut climate emissions.

Earn a Certificate

By completing a full Action Course, companies will earn an official certificate of completion. You can share it with your business partners and clients to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise.

Other resources

What you can do today:

Learn how to take action

Take a free course on small business climate action

Make the commitment

Make the climate commitment and get recognized

Report on your emissions

Report on your emissions through the SME Climate Hub Reporting Tool

Start measuring

Use our free carbon calculator to measure your footprint