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The SME Climate Hub is here to help small businesses deliver on their climate goals. 

The SME Climate Hub has developed free, practical resources specifically tailored to support SMEs on their net zero journey through strategic emission reductions and opportunities for climate leadership. Businesses can calculate their emissions with the Business Carbon Calculator, learn how to take action with the Climate Fit education course and access support through the Financial Support guide and 1.5°C Business Playbook.

The SME Climate Hub has also partnered with Oxford University to provide SMEs with a library of external tools that offer additional support to small businesses taking concrete steps towards climate action.

Find additional tools and resources in our extensive library below, including guides, case studies, webinars and reports. These are updated  on a quarterly basis to continuously simplify  SMEs’ path to climate action. As a small business, you are welcome to provide feedback through the form below the library, or recommend a tool through this form.

We have mapped hundreds of tools and resources, which were then independently reviewed by climate experts and small business leaders, with the purpose of securing good quality and practical tools. 

The tools and resource database will be updated continuously. We welcome your feedback on what you have found helpful or what additional elements your business could benefit from, in order to provide the best possible business support over time. Share your questions, thoughts and ideas by submitting a query below.

If you would like to recommend a tool or resource for inclusion on the SME Climate Hub, please fill out this form.


Disclaimer: Please note, the SME Climate Hub can add and remove tools without notice. The SME Climate Hub cannot take any responsibility for the content of the tools and resources included on the platform as these are all created and maintained by independent third parties. All tools that are recommended for inclusion on the SME Climate Hub will be independently evaluated and we cannot guarantee that any tool or resource will be included on the SME Climate Hub.

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    The SME Climate Hub database of tools and resources is developed continuously. If you would like to recommend a tool or resource, please do so by filling out the form here. Do you have questions or ideas regarding the tools and resources? Don’t hesitate to reach out.